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Scholarly Publications Index - I

IABLIS. Jahrbuch f√ľr europ√§ische Prozesse - (IABLIS )
Ibérica - (AELFE (Asociación Europea de Lenguas para Fines Específicos))
IBM Journal of Research and Development - (IBM)
IBM Systems Journal - (IBM)
IBS Journal of Science - (IBScientific Publishing Group)
ICMR Bulletin - (Indian Council of Medical Research, Division of Publication & Information, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, India)
IDEA: a Journal of Social Issues - (Krysia Hnatowicz Jacobs)
IDEAS - (Fachhochschule Heilbronn - University of Applied Sciences)
IDESIA - (Universidad de Tarapacá, Facultad de Ciencias Agronómicas)
IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials - (The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan)
IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines - (The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan)
Iheringia. S√©rie Zoologia - (Funda√ß√£o Zoobot√Ęnica do Rio Grande do Sul)
Ilk√∂ńüretim-Online - (Ilk√∂ńüretim-Online)
ILLIESIA - (Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Mississippi College)
Image Analysis and Stereology - (Slovenian Society for Stereology and Quantitative Image Analysis)
Image and narrative online magazine of the visual narrative - (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven )
Images re-vues - (Ecole des Hautes √Čtudes en Sciences Sociales, Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art)
ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies - (University of Florida, Department of English)
IMF Staff Papers - (International Monetary Fund)
Immunity & Ageing - (BioMed Central)
Immunome Research - (BioMed Central)
IMPARARE - (LED, Milano, Italy)
Implementation Science - (BioMed Central)
In Silico Biology - (Bioinformation Systems e. V.)
Index de Enfermería - (Fundación Index)
Indian Folklife - (National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai, India)
Indian Heart Journal - (The Cardiological Society of India)
Indian Journal of Aerospace Medicine - (Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine )
Indian Journal of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - (Indian College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ICAAI))
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia - (Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists)
Indian Journal of Cancer - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry - (Association of Clinical Biochemists of India)
Indian Journal of Community Medicine - (Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine)
Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Dermatology - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Gastroenterology - (Indian Society of Gastroenterology)
Indian Journal of Human Genetics - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology - (Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists)
Indian Journal of Medical Research - (Indian Council of Medical Research)
Indian Journal of Medical Sciences - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Nephrology - (Indian Society of Nephrology)
Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine - (Indian Association of 0ccupational Health (IOAH) )
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Palliative Care - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Pediatrics - (The Dr. K.C. Chaudhuri Foundation )
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging - (Indian Radiological and Imaging Association)
Indian Journal of Surgery - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery - (Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons)
Indian Journal of Tuberculosis - (Tuberculosis Association of India)
Indian Journal of Urology - (Medknow Publications)
Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal - (Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Group (IPEPG))
Indian Pediatrics - (Indian Academy of Pediatrics)
Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology - (Rhodes University, South Africa, Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Industrial Data - (UNMSM, Facultad de Ingeniería Industrial, Instituto de Investigación)
INDUSTRIAL HEALTH - (National Institute of Industrial Health, Japan )
Infectious Agents and Cancer - (BioMed Central)
Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics & Gynecology - (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)
INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science - (Federal University of Lavras, Dept. Computer Science)
Infodiversidad - (Sociedad de Investigaciones Bibliotecológicas)
Información Tecnológica - (Centro de Información Tecnológica)
Informatica - (The Slovene Society Informatika, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Information bulletin on variable stars - (Konkoly Observatory)
Information Research: an international electronic journal - (Professor Tom Wilson)
Information Sciences for Decision Making - (University of South Toulon - Var)
Information Technology and Disabilities - (E A S I: Equal Access to Software and Information)
Information Technology Journal - (Asian Network for Scientific Information)
Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal - (Organizational Systems Research Association)
Informing Science The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline - (Informing Science Institute)
Ingenierías - (Facultad de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León)
Innovate Journal of Online Education - (Fischler School of Education and Human Services, Nova Southeastern University)
Inquiries in Sport & Physical Education - (Hellenic Academy of Physical Education)
Intangible Capital - (Intangible Capital)
Integers: Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory - (State University of West Georgia, Charles University, and DIMATIA)
Inteligencia Artificial. Ibero-American Journal of Artificial Intelligence - (Spanish Association for Intelligence Artificial (AEPIA).)
Intellector - (Cenegri)
Intensities: The journal of cult media - (Cardiff University, School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies)
Intera√ß√£o em Psicologia - (Universidade Federal do ParanaŐß, Departamento de Psicologia)
InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies - (UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies)
Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery - (European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery)
Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer - Enhanced Learning - (Wake Forest University)
Interciencia - (The Interciencia Association, Venezuela)
Interdisciplinaria - (Centro Interamericano de Investigaciones Psicológicas y Ciencias Afines)
Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems - (
Interdisciplinary Information Sciences - (The Editorial Committee of the Interdisciplinary Information Sciences)
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management - (Informing Science Institute)
Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects - (Informing Science Institute)
Interface - Comunica√ß√£o, Sa√ļde, Educa√ß√£o - (Funda√ß√£o UNI, Botucatu, SP, Brasil)
InterJournal - (New England Complex Systems Institute)
Internal Medicine - (The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine)
International Brazilian Journal of Urology - (Sociedade Brasileira de Urologia)
International Breastfeeding Journal - (BioMed Central)
International Education Journal - (Flinders University of South Australia, School of Education)
International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning - (University of Calgary Press)
International Family Planning Perspectives - (Alan Guttmacher Institute)
International Heart Journal - (International Heart Journal Association)
International Journal for Educational Integrity - (Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity)
International Journal for Equity in Health - (BioMed Central)
International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning - (Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching)
International journal of ageing and later life - (Linköping University Electronic Press)
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science - (University of Zielona Gora, Institute of Control and Computation Engineering)
International Journal of Baltic Law - (Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania))
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity - (BioMed Central)
International Journal of Biological Sciences - (Ivyspring International Publisher)
International Journal of Biomedical Imaging - (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)
International Journal of Biomedical Sciences - (World Enformatika Society)
International Journal of Botany - (Asian Network for Scientific Information)
International Journal of Cancer Research - (Academic Journals)
International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology - (Asociaci√≥n Espa√Īola de Psicolog√≠a Conductual (AEPC))
International Journal of Community Music - (New York University, Department of Music & Performing Arts)
International Journal of Computational Intelligence - (World Enformatika Society)
International Journal of Computer Science - (World Enformatika Society)
International Journal of Computers, Communications & Control - (Agora University of Oradea, Romania)
International Journal of Construction Education and Research - (Brigham Young University)
International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences - (Dr. K. Jaishankar)
International Journal of Dairy Science - (Academic Journals)
International Journal of Design Computing - (Key Centre of Design Computing, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney)
International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology - (University of the West Indies, Distance Education Centre)
International Journal of Education and the Arts - (Arizona State University)
International Journal of Educational Technology - (University of Western Australia, Department of Education)
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning - (International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE))
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology - (Center for Environment and Energy Research and Studies (CEERS))
International Journal of Health Geographics - (BioMed Central)
International Journal of Human Genetics - (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, Delhi, India)
International Journal of Human Sciences - (International Journal of Human Sciences)
International Journal of Information Technology - (World Enformatika Society)
International Journal of Integrated Care - (Utrecht University, Maastricht University, Groningen University)
International Journal of Intelligent Technology - (World Enformatika Society)
International Journal of Medical Sciences - (Ivyspring International Publisher)
International Journal of Morphology - (Sociedad Chilena de Anatomía)
International Journal of Motorcycle Studies - (Nova Southeastern University)
International Journal of Naval History - (International Journal of Naval History)
International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law - (International Center for Not-for-Profit Law)
International Journal of Online Engineering - (Kassel University Press)
International Journal of Pharmacology - (Asian Network for Scientific Information)
International Journal of Pharmacy Education - (Samford University, School of Pharmacy)
International Journal of Photoenergy - (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)
International Journal of Poultry Science - (Asian Network for Scientific Information)
International Journal of Progressive Education - (International Association of Educators)
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation - (Hampstead Psychological Associates)
International Journal of Public Information Systems - (Mid Sweden University)
International Journal of Qualitative Methods - (International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta, Canada)
International Journal of Rotating Machinery - (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)
International Journal of Signal Processing - (World Enformatika Society)
International journal of simulation. Systems, science and technology - (UK Simulation Society)
International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food - (The Research Committee on Food and Agriculture (RC40) )
International Journal of Special Education - (International Journal of Special Education)
International Journal of Speleology - (Società Speleologica Italiana)
International Journal of Whole Schooling - (Whole Schooling Press)
International Journal of Zoological Research - (Academic Journals)
International Journal on Multicultural Societies - (UNESCO)
International Microbiology - (The Spanish Society for Microbiology, SEM)
International Research Journal of Finance and Economics - (European Journals, Inc.)
International Review of Economics Education - (The Economics Network, University of Bristol)
International Review of Information Ethics - (International Center for Information Ethics)
International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning - (Athabasca University)
International Seminars in Surgical Oncology - (BioMed Central)
Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design - (BioChem Press)
Internet Health: Journal of Research, Application, Communication and Ethics - (VirtualMed)
Intersections: gender, history & culture in the Asian context - (Murdoch University, School of Asian Studies)
InterStat - (InterStat)
Invertebrate Survival Journal - (ISJ)
Investigación Clínica - (Universidad del Zulia)
Investigación Clínica y Farmacéutica - (Investigación Clínica y Farmacéutica )
Investigación y Desarrollo - (Universidad del Norte)
Investigación y Postgrado - (Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador. Vicerectorado de Investigación y Postgardo)
Investigaciones Econ√≥micas - (Fundaci√≥n Empresa P√ļblica )
Investigaciones Geográficas - (Instituto Universitario de Geografía. Universidad de Alicante (Spain))
Investigaciones marinas - (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso)
Investigationes Linguisticae - (Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Linguistics)
Iranian Biomedical Journal - (Pasteur Institute of Iran)
Iranian journal of clinical infectious diseases - (Infectious Diseases&Tropical Medicine Research Center, Shaheed Beheshti Medical University)
Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering - (Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH))
Iranian Journal of Public Health - (Tehran University of Medical Sciences)
Iranian Polymer Journal - (Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute)
Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine - (MedMedia Ltd.)
Irish Medical Journal - (Irish Medical Organization)
Irish Migration Studies in Latin America - (Society for Irish Latin American Studies (SILAS), Geneva)
Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine - (Israel Veterinary Medical Association)
Israel Medical Association Journal - (Israel Medical Association)
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology - (Informing Science Institute)
Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship: a quarterly publication of the Science and Technology Section, Association of College and Research Libraries - (Association of College and Research Libraries, Science and Technology Section)
ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs - (International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP))
Italian Labour Law e-journal - (Università degli studi di Bologna)
Ius et praxis (En línea) - (Universidad de Talca, Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales)