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Writing in College

deadline for submissions:

July 15, 2021

full name / name of organization:

SAMLA Conference

contact email:


This regular session focuses on how students use their technological, social, and cultural dimensions contribute to their current status as academic scholars and critical thinkers. The Writing in College session will explore social media influences how the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms support writing in the college classroom. Writing instructors encourage their students to attend to style, voice, and other aesthetic elements of their text. Writing instructors also encourage their students to think of their work as socially situated and able to effect change in the "real world" outside of the classroom. The teaching Writing in College permanent section welcomes all submissions focused on first year writing practices but is particularly interested in those that consider writing instruction in reference to the connectivity platforms of social media. Possible topics include but are not limited to these topics:

- Projects examining the social media effect on student writing.

- Presentations which draw on and/or amplify students voices.

- Presentations which examine the challenges and effective approaches to teaching online versus s face-to-face teaching in a pandemic environment.

- Presentations which examine the language differences and/or the different voices, expressions, and concepts of social media.

- Presentations which promote activist/alternative approaches to teaching writing in the college classroom

- Presentations which present pedagogical approaches to student writing.

- Presentation which offers creative approaches to college writing.

This section encourages presentations that draw on student work as a primary text as well as interactive presentations that engage audience members. Please send a 300-400-word abstract to Lisa Diehl, University of North Georgia, by July 15. Please include a short biography 500 words or less.