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Call for Chapters: Implementing Transformative Student-Centered Pedagogies in the Neoliberal Academ...

deadline for submissions:

June 15, 2021

full name / name of organization:

Educational Innovations Series

contact email:

Call for Chapters: Implementing Transformative Student-Centered Pedagogies in the Neoliberal Academy: Constraints and Opportunities

The book is part of the Educational Innovations Series and seeks to include quality works putting light on the contemporary advances in the fields of theory and practice of educational pedagogies.

Editor: Dr. Frederic Fovet, Associate Professor, School of Education and Technology, Royal Roads University, Canada.

Quality unpublished works as chapters are invited to the book. The chapters should strictly be according to the coverage scope of the book.

Topics covered by the book

Higher education has entered a phase of transformation over the last decade globally, in which institutions have been compelled to progressively shift their focus from research to teaching. Over this period, the student population in post-secondary has also become increasingly diverse. Faculty are hence increasingly being encouraged to develop pedagogical practices that are student-centered, transformative and inclusive. This objective requires a rapid shift of mindset from instructors, but they are also being constantly reminded of the need to simultaneously function and thrive within a business model ethos, and a neoliberal value system. There is a tangible ambivalence in the messaging faculty receive, and instructors are required to be creative, savvy and versatile in order to navigate this contradiction successfully. The volume seeks to examine the tension which exists between student-centered transformative pedagogies and neo-liberal pressures within higher education, as well as the opportunities being developed in this landscape.

Topics include innovative and transformative student-centered practices in higher education pedagogy which may inherently clash with neoliberal imperatives and objectives:


Universal Design for Learning;

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion;

Accessible Learning;

Critical Pedagogy;Active Learning;

Constructivist practices;

Social Constructivist practices;

Experiential Learning;

Open Education;Decolonizing Higher Education;

Indigenizing Higher Education;

Social Capital Development;

Global Citizenship Education.

Important dates:

Chapter abstract submission: June 15, 2021

Full chapter submission: August 15, 2021

Book publication: October-November, 2021

Detailed guidelines and editorial policies of the book are available at