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CFP - Lordship, Power, and Authority

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --

Seigneurie, the Society for the Study of Lordship in the Middle Ages, is seeking submissions for a sponsored session at St. Louis University's Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies (June 16-18, 2014). Please send your submission for the panel "Lordship, Power, and Authority" to Katie Sjursen ( by Dec. 30.

"Lordship, Power, and Authority"

The concepts of “power” and “authority” have long interested historians and other social scientists, and medievalists are no exception. Recent works on how these concepts intersect with medieval lordship demonstrate scholars’ continued interest in discovering how medieval society understood them. For example, Thomas Bisson’s 2010 monograph The Crisis of the Twelfth Century explained that medieval society recognized a spectrum of powers and argued that the degree to which an individual could exercise power depended on his (or her) own particular abilities and situation. For her part, in her studies of twelfth-century countesses, Erin Jordan has called for a return to the careful distinction between power, as the ability to compel others to do things, and authority, as the legitimate right to do things. This panel seeks to explore these concepts as they related to medieval lordship. Papers might explore the expression, uses, definitions, and transmission of power or authority; modes and routes of access to power and authority; the matrices of power and authority; and more.
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