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CFP: Seigneurie: Society for the Study of the Nobility, Lordship, and Chivalry

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --
Seigneurie: Society for the Study of the Nobility, Lordship, and Chivalry invites paper proposals for a two sessions at the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, May 8-11, 2014.

The topic for the first session is Nobility, Chivalry, and War. Papers for the session might address such topics as the military careers and activities of particular nobles, the extent to which aristocrats (particularly in the Later Middle Ages) actually engaged in warfare, codes of conduct in war associated with chivalry or noble status, religious or literary treatments of nobles as warriors, criticisms of aristocratic belligerence, or other topics connecting the nobility and warfare.

The second session, on Noble Dwellings and Households, deals with the domestic side of aristocratic life, a topic which has attracted increasing attention in recent scholarship. Papers might investigate the actual structures in which nobles dwelt (or images of them in literature and art), the structure and personnel of aristocratic households, affective relations within noble families, especially as these are tied to common residence, and other related topics.

Paper proposals should include an abstract and the Congress's participant information form, which is available online at . Please send submissions, either via email or surface mail, to:

Donald Fleming

P.O. Box 209

Hiram, OH 44234

Deadline for proposals is September 15, 2013.