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CFP: Diplomatics in the Digital Environ...

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --
CfP: Digital Diplomatics 2013: What is Diplomatics in the Digital

Diplomatics has changed fundamentally in the last few decades due to
dramatic developments in information technology. While consolidating
itself as an autonomous science with its own centuries-old theory,
methodology, analytical processes and tools, focused on research on
medieval and early modern legal documents, it has also grown into an
interdisciplinary field, expanding its area of inquiry to all kinds of
textual traditions, documentary forms and creation processes through the
use of sophisticated digital tools. “We shape our tools, and then our
tools shape us”– said Marshal McLuhan.

Following the two conferences on Digital Diplomatics that took place in
2007 in Munich and 2011 in Naples, this conference, to be held in Paris,
14-16th november 2013, has the goal to further the scholarly reflection
on the way in which diplomatics has developed as a result of both the
opportunities offered by digital tools to study historical documents and
the challenges presented by born digital documents and by the need to
understand their structure and of the complex digital environments in
which they reside.
You can find the full call for papers with all the necessary
informations on how to send in your proposal at

We are looking forward to your proposals!

in the name of the program committee: Georg Vogeler

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