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Call for Papers - Renaissance Studies ...

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --
The next meeting of the Renaissance Studies Association will be in
Montreal, 24-26 March 2011. I am pasting here a Call for Papers for a
panel on The Renaissance in Greece.

Proposals should be sent to me by 1 May.

Speakers will have to become members of the RSA if not already.

> What evidence is there for knowledge of or reception of the
> Renaissance in Greece? Much is made, for example, of the Cretan
> Renaissance, but there we are talking about a Venetian-Greek, not a
> Greek, culture. Similarly, the various chronicles such as the
> Chronicle of the Morea and the Tocco Chronicle are products of hybrid
> cultures speaking more than one language.
> Given the great number of travelers -- think Pero Tafur, Buondelmonti,
> Clavijo, Cyriaco of Ancona -- from the West, plus various imperial
> visits from Constantinople to Venice, Paris, and London, and the
> nearly 700 Greeks who spent two years in Italy for the Council of
> Ferrara-Florence, we might expect to see in art, architecture,
> letters, or literature some evidence of the Renaissance within an
> otherwise Greek culture.
> Do we see this evidence in Constantinople, or in any of the lands and
> islands that now make up the country of Greece? What about the palace
> at Mistra? Is there anything else?
> Individual papers can be 15-20 minutes long.
> Proposals: 150 words, together with a brief CV giving institutional
> affiliation, full contact information (address, phone, fax, & email).
> Deadline: 1 May 2010

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