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Folio - Revista de Letras

Submitter: Márcio Roberto Soares Dias
Type: Publication
Nation: Brazil
Date: 10--
The first number of the Journal of Leters (Fólio Revista de Letras), sponsored by the Departament of Linguistics and Literary Studies by the Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia Press, has been distributed -- see -- and the call of paper for the second number will come soon.

1. 06-28-2012 1400-1850. Art, Artists and Migration

2. 12-07-2009

3. 06-26-2009 Call for Papers - Venice, Identity, and...

4. 11-14-2006 Rationalism and Sacred Text, 10th-12th ...

5. 09-23-2006 Subject: Position Announcement

6. 08-25-2006 The Society of Women and the Civil War ...

7. 07-24-2006 Call for Papers for the 42nd Internatio...

8. 07-12-2006 ALA program announcement--ALCTS Preside...

9. 07-08-2006 History Compass, a major electronic jou...

10. 07-07-2006