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Call for Papers - Jean Gerson: His Frie...

Type: General
Date: --
Subject: Call for Papers, Kalamazoo

I am still looking for one more paper for the following panel. If you are
interested and can get an abstract to me within the next few days, please
contact me by email right away:

CFP: 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan
(May 1316, 2010)

Jean Gerson Society (1): Jean Gerson: His Friends and His Enemies:

This panel addresses the contested nature of Gerson\'s reputation both
among his contemporaries and modern scholars. Since understanding Gerson\'s
contribution to late medieval thought and politics requires sorting
through the mixed portrayals of Gerson available in the medieval sources,
this panel promises to contribute to our understanding of Gerson and his
legacy by welcoming papers about Gerson\'s theological, political, academic
and/or personal friends and adversaries. In addition to contributing to
our understanding of Gerson, we hope that this session will provoke
discussion regarding the connections between social or political networks
and the development of late medieval ideas.

Please submit a one-page (300 word) abstract (for a 20-minute paper) with
contact information (name, postal address, email, and affiliation) and a
list of the audio-visual equipment you will require to Nancy McLoughlin
( by September 15, 2009. Attached Participant information
forms are welcome (Participant Information Form). Hard copies may be sent
to the following address and fax:

Nancy McLoughlin
Assistant Professor
Department of History
200 Murray Krieger Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-3275
Fax: 949.824.2865

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