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Call for Papers - The Impact of Church ...

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --
The Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law is still seeking
a paper for a session on \"The Impact of Church Councils and Synods in
the Middle Ages\". We are looking, especially, for treatments of
councils or synods that will appeal to a wider audience, and not only to
specialists of medieval canon law. We invite anyone who is working on
such a topic to propose a paper for this session. The deadline is
tomorrow (Sept. 15), although if you can let me know you are preparing a
proposal, we may be able to wait another day or two.

We currently have two papers dealing with the \"Cadaver Synod\" of Rome in
897, so something on a related theme would be especially welcome. The
call for papers is at:

Listed under Sponsored Sessions : Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval
Canon Law.

Please contact me, ASAP, if you are able to submit a proposal.


--WSM (Bill Monroe)

William S. Monroe
Senior Scholarly Resources Librarian
Brown University Library, Box A
Providence, RI 02912

Phone: (401) 863-2406
FAX: (401) 863-2093
John Hay Library, Room 306

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