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Call for Papers - The Court and the Cou...

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --
The Court and the Courts in the Carolingian World

This session is intended to provide a forum for presenting research on fundamental issues of Carolingian culture and politics. In particular, we invite papers on the relationship between central courts under Frankish monarchs from the eighth to tenth centuries and local or regional nobilities and institutions. The organizers intend that this session will be an important anchoring point for sessions at the congress that address broader issues in early medieval history and culture, by guaranteeing a cohesive discussion of current scholarship on central themes of the period.

Papers should be approximately 20 minutes. Abstracts due to the organizers no later than 15 September, 2009.


Jonathan Couser
Univ. of New Hampshire
Dept. of History


Julie A Hofmann
Shenandoah University
Department of History

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