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Call for Papers - Conference on codicol...

Type: Call for Papers
Date: --
*Conference on codicology*

*and history of the manuscript in Arabic script*

*(**Madrid**, 27-29 May 2010)*


In the course of the centuries, the Islamic world has witnessed an
intense activity of composition of texts, which was in its turn going
hand in hand with an equally intense activity of transcription of those
texts. Researches and publications on the *codicology *of the
manuscripts in Arabic script have been growing over the last quarter of
a century, thus allowing us to know better their composition and
peculiarities. Much still remains to be done, but the amount of
codicological data now available enables us to get a broader view of
this field of research and to start taking into consideration the
*history of the book *in the Islamic world. On this last issue, although
the question of the total number of Arabic manuscripts still remains
unanswered, a quantitative approach seems under the present
circumstances better qualified to lead on to significant results.

The goal of the present conference, which is a sequel of those which
were held in Istanbul (1986), Paris (1994) and Bologna (2000), is to
open new perspectives of research and to bring fresh contributions to
the history of the manuscript in Arabic script, a still underdeveloped
field of investigation which will contribute significantly to the
history of the book in general. The need to address these various new
questions does not mean that we consider that any effort at exploring
the technical aspects should be discontinued. The section dedicated to
codicology in the programme of the conference is as important as ever.
Similarly, papers devoted to the use of books in Islamic societies or to
the *culture of the book *would find their place within the frame of
this conference. Due to the close relationship between the manuscript
and the lithographed book from a technical point of view, contributions
about the latter could also take place within the programme of the
conference and help starting a discussion on the continuities between
these two kinds of books as well as on the changes introduced by

This international conference is intended for the specialists of
codicology, history of the book and of reading; it may also interest
those who are using Arabic manuscripts in their researches –historians,
editors of texts, for instance-, restorers or historians of the book at

*Topics (by way of example):*

1. Codicology. Manuscripts in Arabic script from the East and the West,
from the High Middle Ages to Modern times.

2. Production of the book: readers, market (prices, trade, and so on),
patrons, typology of books according to the contents.

3. Transmission of the book as an object.

4. Role of the libraries.

5. Relationship between manuscripts and lithographed books.

* *

*Languages of the conference: *English, French and Spanish.

* *

*Deadline: *Those wishing to give a paper should send the abstract of
the intended papers (about 300 words) before September 30th, 2009 to the
following address: **. The scientific committee will
inform the authors before November 30th, 2009 whether their paper has
been accepted.

* *

*Scientific committee:*

François Déroche

Maribel Fierro

Mercedes García-Arenal

Nuria Martínez de Castilla Muñoz

Francis Richard

María Jesús Viguera Molins

Amalia Zomeño

* *

*Organizing committee:*

François Déroche (EPHE)

Nuria Martínez de Castilla Muñoz (CSIC)

François Richard (BULAC)

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