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Announcement - Death of Jo Ann McNamar...

Type: General
Date: --
>> I have received news of the death of my emerita colleague Jo Ann
>> McNamara. I
>> wished to send out the news to the community of medievalists whom I know
>> cherish her and her work very much.
>> Jo Ann had become quite ill in early May.
>> Her son Edmund wrote:
>> \"As planned, we got her off the tubes and turned off the respirator. Her
>> heart and lungs were too badly damaged, and insufficient oxygen got into her
>> blood. The staff sedated her again and made her very comfortable so there
>> was no pain. I am in some shock and overwhelmed. Mom\'s wishes were for
>> immediate cremation and then for a celebration of her life where we all can
>> remember her in the Fall.\"
>> So it will be in the fall that the Hunter History Department will honor her
>> memory. For those of you who would like to extend any message of
>> consolation
>> to her son: Edmund Clingan [
>> ]
>> I know that many of you will have already received this news from other
>> sources. Please excuse the repetition, as well as the extreme formality of
>> this message.
>> It is perhaps a good time to remember that Jo Ann has told many of us of the
>> house in England which she intends to haunt as a ghost,
>> Tom Head
>> Department of History
>> Hunter College

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