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Call for discussants — Medieval Academy...

Proposed Roundtable Session — “The Long Shadow of the Carolingians”

There has recently been a proliferation of scholarship on the legend of Charlemagne in the Middle Ages in multiple disciplines and in multiple languages. But there is still a need to integrate such analyses into the wider field of medieval studies. Thus, this proposed roundtable will address this “Long Shadow of the Carolingians,” with scholars from different disciplines discussing how the dynasty was remembered and used in the Middle Ages and how that (oftentimes fictional) memory affected contemporary cultural, social, and/ or intellectual developments. Topics for discussion can range over any aspect of the interconnection between memory and the Carolingians, broadly-defined.

Per standard roundtable format, each of the presenters (likely 5 total) will give brief 10-minute summaries of their thoughts on the significance of the legacy of the Carolingians to their areas of expertise. Then, ample time will be allowed for discussion with the audience. The aim is for wide coverage — in terms of chronological and geographical scope, as well as disciplines/approaches represented. Please feel free to email the session organizer with questions.

Please send CV with brief (200-word) summary of what you’d like to discuss on the panel to the session organizer by 30 April 2007 (NEXT WEEK!), so formal session proposal can be submitted to the MAA program committee by 15 May 2007.

Matthew Gabriele

Assistant Professor

Coordinator, Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Virginia Tech


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