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Call For Papers/Submissions:

MEDIOEVO ADRIATICO 1, 2007 (Essay collection)

The topics for _Medioevo Adriatico_ are history and culture of the Adriatic

in the Middle Ages (V-XV century).

Contributor guidelines:

1. Abstract of paper (100-500 words).

2. Brief CV or resume for each author and co-author.

3. Submission deadline for abstracts: February 1, 2007.

4. Submission deadline for final papers: March 15, 2007.

Scholars at all stages of their careers are equally welcome.

For application instructions and further information about Medioevo

Adriatico, please contact:

SISAEM - Società Internazionale per lo Studio dell'Adriatico nell'Età


International Society for the Study of the Adriatic in the Middle Ages


Dr. Roberta Fidanzia (Ph.D)

Viale Oscar Sinigaglia, 48

I-00143 Rome, Italy



Tel. +39.06.916501181

Best regards,

Angelo Gambella

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