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The Heroic Age Issue 11: Baghdad, Byzan...

The late eighth and ninth centuries saw cultural and intellectual revivals and renaissances that seemed to have proceeded from East to West. All are related in some way to each other, but they are seldom examined in the same context. Harun al-Rachid, Charlemagne, and Alfred all sponsored reforms in their respective societies, were in contact in some way with one another (or in Alfred's case, with Charlemagne's grandson), and may have influenced one another.

Byzantium c. 800 also experienced a renaissance during the iconoclast controversies under Empress Irene, who was nonetheless able to maintain contacts with al-Rachid and Charlemagne.

The Heroic Age invites submissions exploring these rulers, the cultural revivals that occurred under their reigns, the factors leading to those revivals, the long term results, and any possible interplay or influence.

Submissions will be received at any time, no later than April 1, 2007.

Submissions should be sent to

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