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Just a reminder that all are welcome at...

on Monday 11th December, "Printing in England -- the first 25 years".

There is no charge, but please register with

The provisional programme for the day is as follows:

Printing in England: the first 25 years. A conference at the British

Library on 11 December 2006 to launch volume XI of the Catalogue of

Books Printed in the XVth century now in the British Library, compiled

by Lotte Hellinga.

09:15 Registration.

09:45 Clive Field, British Library: Introduction and welcome.

A.S.G. Edwards, De Montfort University, 'English incunables:

past, present, and future'.

Julia Boffey, Queen Mary College, London, 'Patrons and early

English printers post-Caxton'.

Margaret L. Ford, Christie's, London, 'English incunabula in the


David Pearson, University of London, 'New directions in the

study of 15th century English bookbinding'.

William Kuskin, University of Colorado, Boulder, 'Recursive

origins: the return of books in literary history'.

12:45 - 14:00 Lunch.

14:00 Paul Needham, Scheide Library, Princeton, 'The Blades-Bradshaw

correspondence on William Caxton'.

James Mosley, Reading University / Satoko Tokunaga, Katsuya

Ogawa, Keio University, Tokyo, 'Understanding early English typography -

problems and challenges'.

Maureen Bell, University of Birmingham, 'Quantitative approaches

to early books'.

Mary Erler, Fordham University, New York,

'Institutionally-commissioned printing in the early years'.

Susan Powell, University of Salford, 'Religious prose to 1500:

printed sermons, legends and tracts'.

Cristina Dondi, Oxford, 'Printed liturgical books in late

medieval England'.

18:00 Presentation and Reception to mark the publication by Hes & De

Graaf Publishers of the catalogue.

The British Library is grateful for their generous support of this

conference to Helmut N. Friedlaender and Bernard Quaritch Ltd.

John Goldfinch,

Head, Incunabula & Early Western Printed Collections, The British


96 Euston Road,


NW1 2DB.

tel: + 44 20 7412 7732

fax: + 44 20 7412 7577


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