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Call for Nominations: Blackwell's Schol...

I invite the Acqnet readership to nominate an article or book for this

wonderful award.

Blackwell's Scholarship Award: The award honors an author or a

group of authors who have written an outstanding monograph, article or

original paper in the field of acquisitions, collection development or

relatedareas of resource development in libraries. Blackwell's will

donate a $2,000 scholarship to the United States or Canadian library

school of the winning author's choice. The scholarship will be given

to a student concentrating in the acquisitions or collection development

areas. Publications from 2006 are eligible. Reprints of earlier

publications will not be accepted. The evaluation criteria include:

intellectual content; practical value; theoretical value; scholarship;

presentation; and style.

Send nominations, along with a statement giving the full bibliographic

citation of the article, book or paper being nominated and reasons for

the nomination to: Lisa German, chair, Blackwell Jury,

Thank you,

Lisa German

Asst. Dean for Technical and Collection Services

510 Paterno Library

University Park, PA 16802


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