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International Anchoritic Society sessions

42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

May 10-13, 2007

The International Anchoritic Society will organize three sessions for the 42nd Congress:

1. Clare of Assisi: In cooperation with the producers of the series of short films, Mystic Women of the Middle Ages, we will show one of their films, 24-minutes in length, devoted to Clare of Assisi, and present three papers on the subject of Clare and her relationship to the anchoritic and mystic tradition.

2. Communication with the Self/Cell: Can You Hear Me Now?: seeks to examine the discursive and often metaphysical conflation between the anchorite and the anchoritic cell and the means by which the anchorite communicates with the self/Other.

3. Hermit Meets Anchoress: seeks to identify and examine the arbitrariness of the categories of 'hermit' and 'anchorite' and examine the hazy area between the two within the history of anchoritism, both insular and non-insular.

Papers should be no longer than twenty minutes in length.

Deadline: September 15, 2006

Please include with your abstract: Name and Affiliation, Email address, Postal address, Telephone number, A/V requirements (if any)

Contact: Susannah Chewning

Department of English

Union County College

1033 Springfield Avenue

Cranford, NJ 07016

Please go to the Medieval Institute’s website for more information about the conference at

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