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Indigenous literatures and social movem...

The Latin American Indian Literatures Journal invites researchers and specialists to submit essays to be considered for a special issue on “Indigenous literatures and social movements in Latin America.” This special issue has as its thematic axis the relationship between contemporary indigenous literatures, or from any other period, with indigenous social movements such as the Zapatistas, the Guatemalan Maya movement, La Cruz Parlante, or Andean indigenous movements. There is still much to learn about the close relationships that are established between social movements and the literatures produced by indigenous peoples, e.g. oral traditions, narratives, testimonios, and poetic self-representations. For that reason, we invite those interested to submit essays where literary analysis is the means to explore that relationship, and the role the indigenous world plays socially through its literary self-representations in narrative, oral, testimonial and poetic production. Some of the questions that may be considered in relation to these discussions are: what are some of the theoretical and critical problems that arise from studying indigenous literatures, and their relationship to social movements and globalization? How do indigenous literatures redefine the hegemonic literary canon in Latin America? How do these literatures challenge the notions of the indigenous world created by non indigenous writers? What kind of national subject do they articulate for the era of globalization? Notes to Contributors

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