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Second Call for Proposals and Program I...

NASIG 22nd Annual Conference "Place Your Bet in Kentucky: The Serials


May 31 - June 3, 2007

The Galt House, Louisville, Kentucky

The 2007 NASIG Conference will be held on the banks of the Ohio River,

at the historic Galt House Hotel ( Louisville, home

of the legendary Louisville Slugger and the Kentucky Derby, is known for

its riverfront parks, authentic bourbon, and warm Southern hospitality.

The theme of the 2007 conference is "Place Your Bet in Kentucky: The

Serials Gamble." NASIG's Program Planning Committee (PPC) invites

proposals and ideas for programs that address the theme of taking risks

in the serials world. Are there any safe bets for serialists? What new

opportunities and challenges are worth the risk?

The deadline for submissions of proposals and ideas is October 6, 2006.


PRE-CONFERENCES are in-depth programs that focus on practical aspects of

our work and the skills we need on a daily basis. In general, these

programs are several hours in duration, have limited attendance, and may

include hands-on training.

VISION sessions are offered at no-conflict times to allow all conference

attendees to participate. These programs generally deal with the larger

universe of ideas and issues that may influence the serials world.

STRATEGY sessions generally deal with all or, at least, several segments

of the serials world including, but not limited to, publishers, vendors,

service providers, and librarians. These sessions are usually 90


long and include time for questions from the audience.

TACTICS Sessions are designed to address day-to-day issues and generally

deal with one or two practical aspects of the serials world. These

sessions are usually 60 minutes long and include time for questions from

the audience.

Attendees at previous NASIG conferences have expressed an interest in


topics listed below. We hope these ideas inspire you to develop a


o Risk taking (how far can you go, balancing responsibility and


o What do new serialists need to know?

o Innovation: how to get good ideas off the ground

o What do library users think about our services? What do they really


o Impact of national trends on local decisions (e.g., cataloging


o Project Transfer (standards for transferring journals between


o Professional organizations in the serials world; how to get


o Metadata - MODS implementation (XML schema for cataloging)

o COinS (ContextObjects in Spans) applications

o Serialists working effectively with public service librarians

o Conflict resolution in the workplace

o Career advancement: how do technical services librarians move into

leadership positions

o Practical aspects of e-resource management: licensing, usage

statistics, etc.

o Staff management (how to hire great people; how to manage your boss;

how to organize staff and projects, etc.)

Please keep in mind the following:

o The Program Planning Committee will review all submitted proposals

for their content, timeliness, and relevance to the conference theme

and reserves the right to combine, blend, or refocus proposals to

maximize their relevance and to avoid duplication. In addition, PPC

will treat all submissions as suggestions and guideposts.

o Time management issues and reimbursement guidelines generally limit

each session to two speakers.

o Proposals may be suggested as one type of session and/or format and

ultimately be accepted as any one of the other types of sessions or

formats; this decision is the purview of the Program Planning


o Vision and Strategy speakers are required to produce a written

paper for the conference proceedings. Because NASIG publishes its

conference proceedings, content needs to be unique for copyright

purposes. ALL presentations must be original and not previously

presented at other conferences.

o NASIG has a reimbursement policy for conference speakers whose

organizations do not cover expenses


To suggest a proposal or an idea, please fill out the submission


The deadline for submissions of proposals and ideas is October 6,


Inquiries about the conference program can be sent to the PPC

co-chairs, Rachel Frick or Sarah George, at:

For more information about the North American Serials Interest Group,

please see:


Mary Page

NASIG, The North American Serials Interest Group

Past President and Publicist

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