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10-13 May 2007

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Early Middle English Society I: Women and Devotion

Coordinator: Dorothy Kim (

We invite paper abstracts that consider the topic of women and devotion

from the twelfth to the mid-fourteenth century, in relation to the

period's multilingual, multicultural, and multidisciplinary range of

texts. With this in mind, the committee will consider papers that focus on

any of the following areas: psalters, books of hours, liturgy,

hagiography, guides, music, iconography, etc. We are open to works that

consider texts in any of the following languages: Latin, Greek,

Anglo-Norman and French, Middle Welsh, Old Irish, Middle English, Old

English, Hebrew.

Early Middle English Society II: Relations, Companions, and Derivatives

Coordinator: Sharon K. Goetz (

This panel sets as its frame the non-early Middle English contexts of

early Middle English texts. Given the relatively small tally of English

texts written before 1300, it is important to recognize that they do not

occur in isolation. Instead, they exist (frequently) in company with texts

written in other languages, and they show evidence of arising from

multilingual moments of reading, writing, and construing. We invite

abstracts that investigate concerns pertaining to any of these related

interactions: possible antecedents and models for EME texts (or models

rejected), such as the pre- and post-Conquest English vitae of Katherine,

Margaret, and Juliana; accompaniments to EME texts, such as occur in Digby

86, Jesus 29, Caligula A.ix, etc.; texts reliant upon EME relatives, such

as the Ancrene Riwle texts that exist in Anglo-Norman and Latin.

Please send abstracts before 1 September by e-mail via the links above, or

by postal mail to

Dorothy Kim

Department of English

149 Humanities Building, Box 951530

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1530

fax: +1 310 206 5093

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