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The existence of a monarchy, both as th...

The idea of monarchy in Benin, that is, monarchy as a constitutional format, has not been static. Every period has contributed to this idea. What exists today as the obaship has a long and eventful history. What are the origins and consequences of kingship in Benin? What were the internal and external sources of change in the monarchical system of Benin? How has it affected the authority structure of neighbouring peoples? How valid is the claim of continuity of the Eweka dynasty from the thirteenth century?

Call for Chapter Proposals

Interested contributors are invited to respond to these questions by submitting chapter proposals. Such proposals should connect with the proposed book title:

The Benin Monarchy:

Origins, Development and Impact

Lead Editor: Professor P.A. Igbafe

Each proposal, which should be about five pages, should propose a related problem, exhibit familiarity with the literature and debates of the specific area and indicate likely conclusions.

Deadline for Submission: All proposals should reach the


Department of History,

University of Benin,

Benin City


or sent to

on or before September 30, 2006. The acceptance of a proposal will be determined by the relevance to the central theme of the research problem, and mastery of the literature and issues of the proposed area. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by October 15, 2006, and information on appropriate referencing style communicated to them.

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