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Musicology at Kalamazoo is pleased to s...

for the upcoming International Congress on Medieval Studies

(Kalamazoo, 10-13 May 2007):

* Music, Art, and Ceremonial in Medieval Rome

* Music, Art, and Ceremonial in Medieval Paris

* The Crowns of Spain

* The Carolingians and the Arts

* Gender in Medieval Music

* Music in the Marketplace

* Teaching Music in the Humanities

* Music, Meaning, Persuasion

* Music, Violence, War

We hope many if not all of these sessions can foster some real

dialogue between musicologists and scholars in other areas, so we

particularly encourage non-musicians to submit proposals. Please

keep in mind as well that we intend these mostly as "hooks" on which

a multitude of proposals can be placed rather than limitations, so

send us your best work (as the editors of JAMS are fond of saying),

even if it doesn't precisely seem to fit one of these topics--we may

be able to make it work anyway, and we'll try to find a place for as

many good proposals as we can.

Abstracts should be sent by 15 September to Alice Clark, program

committee chair, at the address below. (Electronic submission of

abstracts is fine.) You'll also need to complete and submit an

Abstract Cover Sheet from the conference web site, available at . This

really is important, not only because it is your only chance to make

A-V requests, but because it is required by the Medieval

Institute. Be aware that this is a PDF document; if you don't have

Adobe Acrobat (the writer, not just the reader) on your computer, you

cannot save a completed form, so you'll have to print it and send it

via snail-mail or fax.

If you have any questions, please contact Alice Clark. We look

forward to seeing you in Kalamazoo next May.

Musicology at Kalamazoo Program Committee:

Alice V. Clark (chair, Loyola University New Orleans)

Cathy Ann Elias (DePaul University)

Julia Wingo Shinnick (University of Louisville)


Alice V. Clark

Associate Professor and

Coordinator of Music History and Literature

College of Music and Fine Arts

Loyola University New Orleans

Campus Box 8, 6363 St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70118-6143

phone 504/865-3065

fax 504/865-2852


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