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"I’m Still Here”: Moments of Self-Realization and Personal Discovery HypheNation: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Critical Moments Discourse

We invite submissions for the second issue of volume one of HypheNation to be published in December of 2006. This issue is concerned with the critical moment of self-realization or personal discovery, asking questions such as: When did you realize your body, your mind, your place in either, a micro- or macro- social system and/or your invisibility? What critical moment awakened you to the truth about where you are in time, space or place, both physically and spiritually that made you think, even after all that “I’m still here.” We invite papers, reviews, opinion pieces, and artwork, addressing the theme from as many academic, geographical, societal and cultural perspectives as possible. We particularly encourage artists to submit works (poetry, film clips, paintings, etc.) which speak to the theme broadly.

Possible themes for attention include but are not limited to:

Playing with the Dark Side the Self

Claiming the Truth as Narrative

Movement of the Crisis

Membership in a Global Society

Something was Broken

Representations of myself

Media Representations of the Ideal Self

Spaces of Containment, Terror, Protection

Stress and Its Effects on Law Enforcement

Representations of Race and Gender

Cultural Mythology as Survival Narrative

Trauma and Memory of Childhood

Please interpret the call as openly as possible. Articles combining theoretical and methodological discussion with substantive evidence are especially welcomed.

Abstracts submitted by August 1, 2006.

Final submissions by October 1, 2006

Essays should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words; opinion pieces between 500-1000 words; and book/conference reviews 500-1000 words. (see Submission Guidelines at our website). Abstracts for book reviews should be submitted to HypheNation c/o Book Reviews. Artists who would like to have their work showcased should direct their inquiries to HypheNation c/o Gallery Editor. Please direct any other queries about the call for papers to HypheNation via Technical Advisor Tracy Blandon Allen. Those intending to submit should contact Ms. Blandon Allen as soon as possible indicating the area to be covered and estimated time of submission.

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