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Call for Papers for the 42nd Internatio...

Medieval Studies - 10-13 May, 2007

“The Great Flood Came, and Destroyed All”?

Walter Goffart’s Barbarian Tides: The Migration Age

and the Later Roman Empire

Sponsored by The Early Medieval Forum and The

University of Pennsylvania Press

We invite submissions of abstracts for this session,

with the aim of bringing together established scholars

and current students working on Late Antiquity and the

Early Middle Ages, for a critical look at Walter

Goffart's most recent publication, "Barbarian Tides:

The Migration Age and the Later Roman Empire".

Goffart's past works have revolutionized this period

of study, and his new work presents an opportunity to

critically discuss his ideas, evidence, and scholarly

impact. More information about the session can be

found at this website:

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or

questions you may have. Thank you,

Jean P. Lindsay

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