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Changing Dynamics: The Amateur in Conte...

Trinity College of Music, London, UK.

February 22-23 2007

Organised by COMA in collaboration with Britain's music Conservatoires.

Papers, music and examples of projects are sought for Changing Dynamics: The Amateur in Contemporary Music. This conference, organised around concerts, music making events, presentations, keynote addresses, exhibitions and discussion, will offer a unique opportunity for composers, performers, educators, publishers and musicologists to share their experience and knowledge on a vital aspect of contemporary musical activity


Founded in 1993, COMA (Contemporary Music-Making for Amateurs) has been a unique driver in producing new music for amateur performers in the UK. Since 2003, COMA has operated Open Score, a pioneering project through which established composers as well as emerging and student composers, have the opportunity to write rewarding music for Britain's passionate amateur contemporary music performer sector.

Open Score has lead to a real growth in understanding of the potential of the amateur in contemporary music. The challenge now is to spread the news and inspire more work within this area, through performance, composition and analysis of contemporary music for amateurs. As such, this conference invites contributions from those interested in looking at how contemporary music and amateur performers can intersect and to situate this recent British renaissance within the broader context of contemporary music worldwide and the changing comprehensions of the avant-garde in culture and the arts.

Submission are invited on the following topics:

The role of the amateur in contemporary music-making today The role of the composer in meeting the needs of the amateur musician Recently composed repertoire suitable for amateur musicians An analysis of COMA’s Open Score pieces The history, development and legacies of COMA The place of contemporary music in the wider amateur sector Responsibilities of the amateur sector (such as defining and developing the ‘amateur’; challenging assumptions made about status and ability; ways forward in development, pedagogy and collaboration) Examples of ‘good practice’ that can be presented as posters, papers or offered as practical examples Examples of repertoire that could be promoted in concert Contemporary music and the arts

Papers etc on other related topics will be considered.

How to Submit:

Presentations: Please send a 300 word abstract, together with your contact details and affiliations and indicate if you would be willing to do a poster presentation and/or extend your contribution to a 20 minute paper in your communication; Music: Please send a score and composer biography (max 60 words), programme notes (max 60 words) and details of previous performances;

To Chris Shurety (COMA, 3rd Floor, Willcox's House, 42 Southwark Street, London. SE1 1UN but preferably by email to And Dr Anna Claydon (Centre for Mass Communications Research, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH but preferably by email to

DEADLINE: Monday 30 October 2006

Contributors may also be asked to develop their presentations into articles for publication. More details will be available at the conference but if you are interested in submission for publication, please indicate on your submission and be aware that a full draft will need to be given to the organisers at the conference.

Successful contributors will be notified by November 30th 2006.

General registration will open December 1st - February 2nd.

Further Information:

Fees information will be available on the conference website:

from mid-September and a variety of options will be available including student concessions, self-catering and day fees.

See for more information about COMA and its activities.

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