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Contribute to Xcp: Streetnotes JAPAN

Xcp: Streetnotes is currently organizing its late summer exhibition on streetlife in Japan. We are looking for essays, poetry, photography, and other documentary projects on Japan. Material will be accepted in English or Japanese.

Please see our Call for Papers in Japanese at:

Xcp: Streetnotes is a biannual online exhibition of the socially descriptive arts. We accept essays, experimental documentary, photography and poetry. We are especially interested in ethnographic and geographic description, interviews, and other products of field work conducted in and about the street or public places. Exhibitions of Streetnotes have been published on the internet biannually since 1998. Past exhibits have been saved and are accessible.


Please send text documents as rich text format documents (*.rtf), MS Word (*.doc) or as ascii files (*.txt). Images should be sent as jpeg file (*.jpg) set to 72 dpi and sized no larger than 800 x 600 pxls. html files are also ok, but please do not include animation, javascripts, or other programming. We are unable to publish video or sound at this time. Please visit our site to see past contributions: or write the editor with questions, David Michalski:

Deadline: August 15, 2006.

Estimate publication date : September 15, 2006.

Please send electronic materials to: David Michalski,

Please also place “Xcp” is the subject line.

Diskettes (PC) and Hardcopies can be sent to:

David Michalski

Humanities and Social Sciences Dept.

288 Shields Library, 100 NW Quad

University of California,

Davis, CA 95616

Xcp: Streetnotes is part of the Xcp: Cross Cultural Poetics Website. We are hosted by the Buffalo Freenet, a not-for-profit, community based information service. See:

Please forward to interested parties.

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