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About This Site has introduced a new w...

While students are on their summer breaks, is

in search of new ways to improve and smooth the studying process. Now the papers

produced for research purposes are checked with three different anti-plagiarism

software programs. realizes the need to track the archives of

printed sources along with online ones.

Due to the rapid IT development the necessity of new anti-plagiarism software is a


Unlike other essay writing companies now has a softcopy of the

archives and several programs that run through it and detect papers for plagiarism.

Three programs ensure that the file is checked with the latest and updated materials

available online and in the libraries.

Moreover, the new department has been created within the company to handle the

plagiarism detecting process.

Once the customer has placed the order, he doesn’t need to worry about the paper any

longer. All the materials provided by the writer are being checked with Eve2 program

automatically. After that the file goes to the special department, where it is being

proof read by professionals and run over with MyDropBox. If part of the paper

appears to be not original, it is forwarded back to the writer right away for the

rewrite. The human resource department fines the writer and if the situation repeats

again, the writer is fired. This way guarantees the professionalism

and integrity of the writing team.

Customer is not involved in the plagiarism detection process and is only receiving

the final, proof read and unique paper. Client doesn’t need to worry about checking

the paper himself any more as the company does it all for him. Although, customer

has an opportunity to communicate with the writer directly if needed.

With the increasing number of internet users the number of people who still refer to

the more traditional sources of information such as books, journals and magazines

decreases. Most essay writing companies’ field of search when detecting plagiarism

is internet sources only. It is common practice to ignore the existence of printed

sources such as journals that can easily be copied from. The implementation of the

new software program and a specially trained department enables to

search all possible sources of information that could be used.

ensured that clients feel absolutely confident and secure by being provided with

such an innovation as track of all the printed sources and library archives.

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