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Academic Studies Abroad, a leader

in study abroad programs to Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, and England is pleased to

offer students the opportunity to take classes in English or Spanish at a Spanish

university. While options exist in Sevilla for Americans to take courses in

English, it is either at facilities where there are no Spaniards or at a university

on the outskirts of the city.

“Taking course only with other Americans defeats the purpose of going to Sevilla,

especially when opportunities exist for taking courses at a Spanish university. We

at ASA are proud that our students who are not advanced at Spanish have the option

of taking courses in English at a Spanish university,” said Lee Frankel, Director of

Academic Studies Abroad.

Students on the ASA program in Sevilla live with a host family, attend both day and

overnight excursions throughout Spain, and have tutoring available from on-site

staff. These three things help students not only improve their level of fluency,

but also help them gain a better understand of the Spanish culture.

Located in the south of Spain, approximately three and a half hours south of Madrid

by high speed train, Sevilla is home to one of the most famous cathedrals and

bullrings in Spain. A laid-back lifestyle and typically beautiful weather is what

attracts so many students and tourists to Sevilla.

For more information about study abroad programs in Sevilla visit

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