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Joint Summer School of the internationa...

University of Leipzig, Germany

September 25-30, 2006


The Summer School aims at a discussion of the position of Europe in current processes of transnationalization and globalization (focusing its attention on the last two decades) and seeks simultaneously to elaborate concepts and categories for research in global history.

The following key question will guide the work of different section, each of them including presentations of dissertation projects, which will be debated with experts in the fields.

The idea of “Europe”: How is and can Europe be conceptualized as a region in the world?

Migration and Diaspora: How are European experiences and values transferred and how is Europe changes through processes of migration as well as through the European diaspora?

What role should Europe play in the contemporary globalization-debate? Has Europe become a global player again and how can its political position in international relations be characterized?

What kind of relationships exists between institutions operating on the European level and a European civil society?

What representations of Europe can be found in other regions of the world and what images from the world outside determine pictures of Europe?


September, 25

Welcome and Introduction

Keynote Address: Critical Junctures of Globalization

Section 1 (Ulf Engel, Institute for African Studies and Centre for Advanced Study of the University of Leipzig): Critical Junctures of Globalization

September, 26

Section 2 (Dominic Sachsenmaier, University of California, Santa Barbara): Global Perspectives on Global History

September, 27

Section 3 (Mathias Mesenhöller, Research Centre for the History and Culture of East-Central Europe, Leipzig): Europe in the World - Migration and Diaspora

September, 28

Section 4 (Matthias Middell, Centre for Advanced Study of the University of Leipzig): Eurocentrism and the Perspectives of Transnationalism

September, 29

Section 5a (Günther Heeg, Institute for Arts and Theatre at the University of Leipzig): Transcultural Identities and esthetic strategies: Critical Junctures as a Paradigm

Section 5b (Frank Hadler, Research Centre for the History and Culture of East-Central Europe, Leipzig): Overlapping Histories and the Writing of European History

September, 30 (Saturday)

Section 5a, part 2 (Günther Heeg): Transcultural Identities and esthetic strategies: Critical Junctures as a Paradigm

Section 6 (Frank Hadler, Sebastian Lentz, Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography): Mapping Europe: Cartography as Historical Argument

The Summer School will be organized in a cultural program that offers the possibility to exchange experiences with German and international doctorate students.

Participants shall be expected to present their research interests or a part of it in a 20-minute presentation.

Participation requirements

The Summer School is organized for doctorate students from the social sciences and is limited by 40 participants. For the course, a participation-fee of 50 Euros is charged. This fee includes a reader containing introductory texts of the sections, tea break snacks and free access to the cultural events. Affordable accommodation for approx. 100 Euros can be offered by the organizers.


A description of the educational background, language skills, a list of publications and an abstract of the presentation (abstract of approx. 100 words) have to be sent in until July, 31, 2006.

Detailed information regarding the international Doctorate programme “Transnationalization and Regionalization from the 18th Century to the present” can be found here and further information regarding the Research Training Group ”Junctures in Globalization” under

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