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East Asian Science, Technology, and Med...

Table of contents:

Note from the Editor 7 Introduction from the Guest Editor —CHRISTOPHER CULLEN 9 Ho Peng Yoke: A Personal Introduction —NATHAN SIVIN 12 The History of Military Divination in China —ROBIN D.S. YATES 15 Medicine and Divination in India —MICHIO YANO 44 Medicine and Astrology: Their Encounter on a Cross-cultural Occasion —CHANG CHE-CHIA 62 Divination and Medicine in China and Greece: A Comparative Perspective on the Baoshan Illness Divinations —LISA RAPHALS 78 Seers and Jesters: Predicting the Future and Punning by Graph Analysis —BERNHARD FÜHRER (to be published in issue 25) Astral Divination in the Context of Mesopotamian Divination, Medicine, Religion, Magic, Society, and Scholarship —DAVID BROWN (to be published in issue 25) Reviews Claudia von Collani (ed.), Joachim Bouvet S.J. Journal des voyages —reviewed by Catherine Jami 104 Luís Saraiva (ed.), History of Mathematical Sciences: Portugal and East Asia II. Scientific Practices and the Portuguese Expansion in Asia, 1498-1759 —reviewed by Andrea Bréard 107 David Y. H. Wu and Tan Chee-beng (eds.), Changing Chinese Foodways in Asia —reviewed by Christine M. Du Bois 110 Ole Döring (ed.), Chinese Scientists and Responsibility: Ethical Issues of Human Genetics in Chinese and International Contexts —reviewed by Silke Schicktanz 112 Roel Sterckx, The Animal and the Daemon in Early China —reviewed by Vincent Ziswiler 115 No?l Golvers, Ferdinand Verbiest, S.J. (1623-1688) and the Chinese Heaven: The Composition of the Astronomical Corpus, its Diffusion and Reception in the European Republic of Letters —reviewed by Keizo Hashimoto 122


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