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I would like to announce the formation ...

The Second World War Historical Society is in the process of being formed with the aim of furthering the study into the history of the war. The society is non – political in nature and in no way seeks to glorify the horrors of war.

The central aim of the group is to assemble through a network of regional groups and the society’s own journal a collection of like-minded individuals who wish to preserve the memory of the Second World War. The Society also aspires to further the academic study of the Second World War through its journal. We welcome membership from all people with an interest in the war from academic to veterans and everybody in between. The Second World War Historical Society seeks to study all facets of the war including its military, political, economic and social aspects. More information can be founf on the website.

Ross Mahoney


The Second World War Historical Society



The Second World War Historical Society

3 Oatmill Close

Kings Hill


West Midlands

WS10 9TE



Visit the website at

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