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We are very happy to announce the third...

Journal of Modern Turkish Studies, Volume 3, Issue 2 (June 2006) is now available online at the Ankara University website (web address provided below).

The issue includes articles on, for example, “Remembrance of Istanbul Past: Time and Language in Selim Ýleri’s Gramofon Hala Çalýyor”; “Jean Potocki and his Caucasian Travel Book: Voyage au Caucase et en Chine”; “Semantic Changes of Turkmen Turkish Verbs of Action according to Valence”; “Computer Metaphors in Turkey Turkish”; “Linguistic Situation in Sakha Republic and the Status of Sakha Turkish”; “Turkmen Wedding Tradition”; “The Copies of the Makhdumquli’s Divan and his Poems not existing in 400-E Numbered “A Copy” in The Turkmenbashi National Institute of Manuscripts”; “The Mountain-Based Culture of the Taurus Yörüks: Cultural and Economic Approaches”. Book reviews and announcements are also included.

FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" F. Sema Barutcu Özönder, Prof.Dr.

Ankara University

Faculty of Letters

06100 Sihhiye . Ankara- TURKIYE

(+90312)310 32 80


Visit the website at

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