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History Compass, a major electronic jou...

Essays should review new developments in the historiography of the topic, offer fresh interpretations, or evaluate useful sources and documents for teaching. They should be approachable, written for scholars and teachers who are not necessarily specialists in the field.

Essays may be of varying lengths (1500-3000, 3-5000, or 5000+ words). All essays are fully peer reviewed. Examples of the types of articles published by History Compass can be found according to categorised according to geographical section (Africa, Asia, Australasia and Pacific, Britain and Ireland, Caribbean and Latin America, Europe, North America and World) at

History Compass offers authors:

* Fast publication, typically 8 weeks from acceptance of final version

* A citable, peer-reviewed article, with a permanent URL

* A wide, international audience through a global medium

* A free PDF off-print of your article

* Your own profile page on the site

* Free individual access to the site

* Usage statistics for your article

* Free Blackwell book for prompt delivery

Please visit the Compass portal for sample articles and submission guidelines. All preliminary suggestions and/or proposals should be addressed to Professor Ken Pomeranz for Central and East Asia or Dr. Crispin Bates for Southeast Asia , including an indication of the length of essay you wish to write. Subsequently, those wishing to write longer essays may be asked to submit a one-page abstract.


Associate Managing Editor

History Compass Journal

Blackwell Publishing Ltd

9600 Garsington Road

Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK


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